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NEW for 2024

Just Schoolwear & Academy School Uniforms is excited to announce the launch of our new greener business initiative involving our key uniform manufacturers, and by partnering with ‘Ecologi’, the UKs leading all-in-one climate solutions platform.

We aim to become a more sustainable, and environmentally conscious company by reviewing our best practices for environmental impact as part of our overall commitment to continuous improvement.


Our primary initiative has been to partner with the ‘Ecologi’ organisation to purchase and plant trees as a company!


There is no better way for us to directly impact our environment than to plant trees, and so from Dec 1st 2023, for every blazer that is purchased from Just Schoolwear, a tree will be planted by ‘Ecologi’.


Our goal is to plant 250,000 trees to help combat climate change!


Students will be able to follow the progress of our forest as it grows, and see the positive effects that can be achieved simply by wearing our sustainable uniform!

About Ecologi

Ecologi is the brainchild of its co-founder Elliot Coad who, whilst one day purchasing his usual morning coffee, wondered what would happen if he instead spent that money on addressing the climate crisis?


With relatively little research he soon discovered that there were already many solutions available to leverage in response to climate change, and the world’s combined loose change is more than enough to fund them, Ecologi was born!

Starting out in 2019 as a simple subscription service for individuals, Ecologi has evolved into a passionate community of over 19,000 businesses, with over 40,000 members, each with the aim of championing Small and Medium Sized businesses as green revolutionaries, empowering them on their journey to reduce emissions, and take climate action.


For more information about how Ecologi and its partners are actively making a difference, visit

Eco Friendly Schoolwear

At Just Schoolwear we’re always looking for ways to operate more sustainably, and one of our most successful activities has been to partner with ‘Eco friendly’ school wear manufacturers.

The sustainability of a garment isn’t just about how it is produced, but also about its durability.


We only supply ‘fit for purpose’ garments that are superior in quality to supermarket bought items, always consistent on colour and fit, are made to last, and designed to be passed on to siblings, or second-hand sale for a longer lifespan, ensuring sustainability, and representing better value for parents in challenging times.

At the core of our sustainable school wear is the eco-fabric which is made from 100% recycled post-consumer polyester yarn.

On average each blazer produced saves 34 non-biodegradable PET plastic bottles from being buried in landfill, and also displaces the crude oil that is generally used in the production process of standard polyester.


Garments manufactured using eco-polyester are set to save over 1 million plastic bottles from going to landfill each year.


From plastic bottles to eco-garments, our suppliers 6 step process allows us all to put the planet first, without ever sacrificing on quality, durability or comfort.

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